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"Helping us to make this a better place in which to live"

In November 2004, Halberton finally launched its Parish Plan, the result of two years of hard work by many people in the community with a lot of valuable support from local government officers and agencies.

The Plan has been used to improve the understanding of the needs and concerns of the Parish, and to guide the further development of amenities and facilities within the Parish.

Many of the original objectives have now been achieved,
so in July 2008 a short survey was issued, using the Parish Newsletter circulation (some 700 copies) in order to update the Parish Plan.  The return was limited but it did instigate
the formation of the Halberton Historical Society in early 2009.  Other items raised were all ongoing projects being worked on by the Parish Council, including Road Safety (Speed and Parking)

A copy of the plan, along with other documents, is available from our Download Section.

High Street, Halberton

The most important part of producing the Parish Plan was the extensive public consultation
during the development of the plan. A “Vision Day” took place on 12th April 2003, followed
by a questionnaire survey in November 2003 which was delivered to every household in the Parish.

The questionnaire came in three parts :
a) Household Questionnaire for every resident
b) Business Questionnaire for those who are, or will be, running a business
c) Housing Survey for those needing a home in the future, within the Parish.

Click here -for a report and photo gallery of the Vision Day

We are always looking for more Volunteers from all parts of the parish who are able to offer a 
little of their time, expertise and experience to make a contribution. Please contact Ken Browse  
on 01884 820532 or any other Parish Councillor to find out more.

DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD - A number of high-quality documents have been produced as 
part of this project - CLICK HERE to download