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Halberton Parish Council
is the local authority responsible for local amenities including
recreational areas, footpaths and the cemetery.
It has a consultancy role in relation to
planning applications and highway matters within the Parish.

On the menu opposite you will find official information and guidelines.
There are not only local guidelines governed by Halberton Parish Council
but also includes government guidelines within  which the Parish Council must work.
Please feel free to contact the Parish Clerk if you would like
further clarification of these procedures

There are eleven seats on the council
(plus the salaried position of Clerk to the Council).
Councillors are elected every four years.
The next elections will be held in May 2019.
Each member of the council sits on one or more committees
which deal with relevant issues in the Parish.

Ordinary Parish Council Meetings preceded by a Planning Meeting take place on the
second Tuesday of each month at Halberton Village Hall, commencing at 7.00pm,
except in July when the meeting is held at Ash Thomas Village Hall.
In August there is no Ordinary Parish Council meeting, but a Planning Meeting
does take place, commencing at 7.30pm. All meetings are open to the public.
In order to keep within the time limits set by MDDC Planning there is generally
a second Planning Meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
This meeting only takes place if there are Planning Applications to be reviewed.  

Meetings always begin with a public forum at which the public may raise any issues,
and they are welcome to stay for the rest of the meeting's agenda.

Members of the public are also invited to attend all committee meetings,
including Planning, Amenities, Footpaths and others. Notice for these meetings
is given in the Parish Newsletter and on the website, and placed on the notice boards in
Halberton, Ash Thomas and Brithem Bottom, and also at Halberton Court Farm Shop.  

If you require further information please contact the Parish Clerk.